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NY Passive House is a recognized 501c6 tax exempt organization. To view NYPH bylaws click here. To view Board of Directors Code of Ethics click here.

Event Committee – Planning, coordinating and executing events. Floris Buisman, chair: events@nypassivehouse.org.

Financial Committee – Developing legal and financial framework. Ken Levenson, chair: info@nypassivehouse.com

Marketing Committee – Website and related resources. Andreas Benzing, chair: marketing@nypassivehouse.org.

Membership Committee – Membership information. Jordan Goldman, chair: membership@nypassivehouse.org.

Networking Committee – Web based capabilities and networking. Greg Duncan, chair: network@nypassivehouse.org

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About NYPH

NY Passive House (NYPH) is working to promote a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient built environment through the promotion of the Passive House building standard.  

Formed in 2010,  NYPH is an independent non-for-profit organization, supported by member dues and industry sponsors. NYPH facilitates the exchange of information and experiences, among local, national and international practitioners of the Passive House building standard - striving to give NYPH members and the New York public access to the most useful tools toward making the best possible buildings.

International Passive House Association

NYPH is an affiliated member of the International Passive House Association (iPHA). iPHA, founded by the Passive House Institute, is an international network for Passive House knowledge working to promote Passive House worldwide. To view NYPH's Affiliation Agreement with iPHA, click here.

American Passive House Network

NYPH is a member organization of the American Passive House Network (APHN). APHN, founded by leaders of Passive House California, Passive House Northwest and New York Passive House, it is organized as an nationwide information hub to support regional Passive House group efforts.

Board of Directors

Andreas M Benzing, Principal, a.m.Benzing architects pllc, New York, NY
Floris Keverling Buisman, CEO, Four Seven Five, Brooklyn, NY
Ken Levenson, COO, Four Seven Five, Brooklyn, NY


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