At NYPH we like this new Video from 475 High Performance building Supply: They featured this project in a previous video – 475 On-Site: Historic Brownstone Passive House Retrofit in Brooklyn, NY. It is in process to receive EnerPHit certification with architect, Jane Sanders, and builder, Build With Prospect.


The NY Times has just made its latest installment on the progress of Passive House in New York.  And unlike so much other news these days today – with Passive House the news is good!   The article, “The Passive Principle” in print, appears above the fold on the cover of the Sunday Times Real Estate Section, and [read more »]


Article from Lindsay Abrams from the Sierra Magazine.   Published in the March/April 2015 issue of Sierra Magazine     One New York City Rowhouse takes on a changing climate “It was only supposed to be a refurbishment. Then the city informed architect Thomas Paino and his partner, Peter Johnson, that their 1903 row house in [read more »]

Evaluation of efficiency takes place according to renewable primary energy system (Press Release, Passive House Institute, 19 March 2015) [Note: See GreenBuildingAdvisor report on the new certification standards here.] “Darmstadt, Germany. Renewable energy is the ideal complement to the efficiency of the Passive House Standard. In order to provide reliable guidance for this combination, the [read more »]

The recent proposal by PHIUS and BSC to create what is being described as ‘a passive building standard adaptation for the U.S.’ is being widely promoted and distributed to various journals, publications and cities for adoption. Here is a critique – one of a growing number of articles expressing concern over this proposal. But first let’s clarify some important distinctions between [read more »]

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  Built to Last: Passive House. June 11, New York City This one day event will demonstrate how Passive House can help you make a New York that is built to last. Mayor Bill de Blasio’s policy to reduce city-wide carbon emissions 80% by 2050 in his plan One City: Built to Last, has set the [read more »]

Below are comments made to the PHIUS review committee by Barry Stephens of Zehnder America.  Reprinted here with permission. ——————————————————————————————————————————— In reviewing the Climate Specific Passive Building Standards, I encounter some glaring deficiencies. Although there is a lack of detail in the draft with regards to H/ERVs and ventilation, it can be determined that there [read more »]


Programme of international event available online – registration now open (Press Release, Passive House Institute, 19 December 2014) “Darmstadt, Germany. The Passive House Standard enables every building owner to benefit from the energy revolution, with Certified Passive House Components ensuring cost-effectiveness. This basic concept will be the focus of the 2015 International Passive House Conference, [read more »]

As the popularity of Passive House grows, more public agencies are acknowledging its utility and significance in their planning for a low-carbon future, and are officially incorporating Passive House references and terminology into there regulatory and administrative texts.   Some instances are dramatic mandates, such as building code requirements in Brussels Belgium; others are incentives, such as [read more »]

NYCEEC partners with BuildForward Capital and Urban Artisan to enable first Passive House condominium project in Manhattan.   NEW YORK, Dec. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —   “The New York City Energy Efficiency Corporation (NYCEEC), a leading provider of clean energy and energy efficiency financing solutions, is providing a green mortgage to a new Passive House [read more »]