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From the Passive House Institute (PHI): For almost 20 years, Passive House criteria have constituted guidelines for an excellent level of energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and comfortable living conditions. To date, more than 1 million square meters of Passive House floor area has been certified through the quality assurance system set up in parallel.  Through the [read more »]

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President Obama has announced a comprehensive plan to bring renewable energy and energy efficiency to households across the U.S.   Among the initiatives just announced is the establishment of a Passive House track by New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR)…”to encourage a significant increase in the energy efficiency of New York’s affordable housing stock”.  [read more »]


Everyone talks about Net Zero and more and more people are talking about Passive House.   Net Zero Energy Buildings: Passive House + Renewables demonstrates that the Passive House pathway is the best way to reach Net Zero.   The international Passive House Standard makes extremely comfortable, durable, healthy and affordable buildings in a growing array of shapes [read more »]

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Innovators in the field of cost-effective systems for broad application to be honored (Press Release, Passive House Institute, 11 August 2015)   Darmstadt, Germany. Ventilation with heat recovery is absolutely essential in energy efficient construction. The application of such systems in practice often fails due to high costs, though. In order to promote low-cost approaches [read more »]

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(Reposted from FXFOWLE.com) The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) awarded FXFOWLE a research grant to determine the viability of implementing the Passivhaus standard for tall residential buildings in New York. Working with an associated consultant team, and using an FXFOWLE residential project currently in design, the study investigates the detailed implications [read more »]

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  The policy of New York State and New York City to achieve 80% carbon reductions by 2050 is critical to ensure our long term prosperity.   As we know, building operational energy use is a very large component of our current carbon emissions, and dramatically reducing our building energy usage with available tools such as Passive [read more »]


Housing complex in Innsbruck combines energy efficiency and renewables (Press Release, Passive House Institute, 4 August 2015) Photo Credit: Neue Heimat Tirol Darmstadt, Germany/Innsbruck, Austria. The combination of energy efficiency and renewables is the future-proof solution for all buildings, including multi-storey projects – this is demonstrated with a new build in Innsbruck: the apartment complex is [read more »]

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There are many reasons to attend NAPHN15 October 1-2 in Vancouver BC.  It has the best Passive House program of any building conference in the Western Hemisphere – ever: http://naphn15.canphi.ca/schedule/.  No fluff.  No BS. Early bird ticket sale ends August 1st so don’t wait and register here. 38 speakers confirmed – Passive House designers, builders, sustainability experts [read more »]

Forum for energy efficient construction returns to Darmstadt on its anniversary (Press Release, Passive House Institute, 29 July 2015) “Darmstadt, Germany. Big anniversary for the International Passive House Conference: from 22 to 23 April 2016 this central event for energy efficient construction will take place for the twentieth time running. Experts from around the world [read more »]


The Windows of Change are Blowing When the first Passive House was built in Darmstadt, Germany, there was not a single window on the market that met the stringent Passive House performance requirements. Fast forward to today, and the situation is vastly different: a robust European market with over 200 certified Passive House window products. [read more »]

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